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Mission Statement

Our objective is to operate as an extension of your company. Performing a variety of financial and accounting services, and offer maximum flexibility by allowing you to rely on us for any of the services that we offer as needed.

Vision Statement

We are proud to be an accounting agency that helps our clients make sound financial decisions daily. We are fully committed to helping small to midsize businesses succeed by performing the critical accounting functions that keep them financially solvent and compliant with financial regulations.

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Who We Are

eTAX Financial LLC was established by Jeremias Nivar in 2008. He brings over 20 years of legal accounting, taxation, and banking experience. It was created with the purpose of providing support to individuals and small businesses, who most of the time are struggling to understand the financial contexts such as accounting, taxes, and business management.

In eTAX Financial LLC, we can relate to all the struggles many individuals find when they are trying to manage their businesses and all the hoops they must jump through. To make it easier for them, we customize and implement proven strategies that can help our clients focus on what is most important their success.

We are proud to be a Silver Champion Partner with Xero.

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